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Faculty of Arts Exchange Programme 2017-2018

The Faculty encourages Arts students to participate in student exchange programmes during their course of study, with a view to widening their horizons and enriching their learning experience. The Faculty of Arts Exchange Programme (FAEP) aims at providing such opportunities for undergraduate students.  Successful candidates will have the opportunity to study abroad in one of the partner institutions for one semester or one academic year (two semesters) in the academic year 2017-2018.

Faculty International Exchange Programmes
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Deadline: December 23, 2016 (extended deadline)

For enquiries, please email to arts@hku.hk.

Sharing from Exchange Programme Participants in the Faculty Newsletter

Sharing from Exchange Programme Participants:

"I sincerely thank HKU and UdeM for such precious opportunity to see myself blossom in academic study, to broaden my horizons, to know more about the world, as well as to gain in personal growth throughout the exchange and thereafter. ”  

So Ching Tung (BA Year 3)
Host institution:  
Université de Montréal, Canada
Exchange Duration: 2014-15 1st semester

University of Montreal

Hey Lam

"I would recommend students to go on exchange whenever it is possible as it helps one to practice the social skills, and their abilities to plan ahead and enhance critical thinking skills. It also provides the opportunity to learn outside the classroom, while immersing in a total diverse and different environment. "

Wong Hey Lam, (BA Year 3)
Host Institution: University of California, Los Angeles 
Exchange Duration: 2013-14 Full year

“I would proudly say that studying abroad in the University of Kent even though for just half a year is probably the best thing that has happened to me and I am so glad that I took the step to get out of my comfort zone.”

Mok Hiu Tung, (BA Year 3)
Host institution: University of Kent, UK
Exchange Duration: 2013-14 2nd semester

Hiu Tung

HKU Worldwide Student Exchange Programme

The International Office is responsible for developing and enhancing international relations with overseas institutions by establishing joint student mobility programmes and other academic collaborations. OISE has administered the HKU Worldwide Student Exchange Programme for undergraduate students since 1998 and provides support services to both incoming and outgoing exchange students.