Teaching & Learning

Professional Preparation Programme for Arts Students

Professional Preparation Programme (PPP), jointly offered by the Faculty of Arts and the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS), is an intensive result-based career programme targeting our students in the second year of studies or above for the second semester, 2016-17. 

The main objectives of the PPP are: 

  • to prepare students for entering the job market
  • to enhance the employability of Arts students
  • to improve students' overall competitiveness in the graduate job market
  • to develop more advanced interview skills to improve students' chances of success

Programme Highlight

The programme will cover 5 topics with a total of 12 learning hours:

  1. How to Write Winning CVs & Cover Letters (2 hours) 
  2. Interview Skills Sharing (2 hours) 
  3. Interview Skills in Practice (3 hours)
  4. Landing Your Dream Job with Early Planning (2 hours) 
  5. MBTI: Matching your Personality to your Career (3 hours) 

From the full PPP, you can expect to

  • understand employers' expectations
  • sharpen your job-seeking skills
  • gain deeper self-understanding as well as understanding of others
  • kick start your career planning
  • identify gaps you need to fill in order to reach your career goals
  • find the direction towards filling the gaps

For details, please see Programme Outline and Programme Schedule.

Attendance Requirement
Students are required to attend the enrolled module(s)/session(s). You should therefore check your class schedule before enrolling.

Please enrol into the PPP modules separately via this link: http://wp.cedars.hku.hk/form/ArtsPPP2016-17Sem2
Enrolling in all modules is recommended but not required. You could select module(s) that best fit your interests/needs.

Enrollment Deadline
9:00am, 6 February 2017 (Monday)

Should you have any questions, please contact Ms Eva Yung from the Faculty of Arts at evaffy@hku.hk / 3917 4633; or contact CEDARS Miss Celia Wong at ceceling@hku.hk / 2859 2314.