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Faculty Office

Faculty Office

Professor Derek Collins

Professor Collins is a highly accomplished scholar specializing in archaic Greek poetry, Latin Literature and history of the classical tradition, religion and magic. He has extensive administrative and leadership experience as chairman or member of university committees and advisory boards and also at the faculty level.

Tel: 3917 2730

Professor Derek Collins

Professor John Carroll
Associate Dean (Outreach)
Professor Carroll assists the Dean in enhancing the Faculty’s links with members of the University community and the community at large including alumni, donors and members of the public. He provides leadership in developing the Faculty’s outreach profile, and in coordinating knowledge exchange activities. He teaches and publishes on modern Chinese history, Hong Kong history, colonial and postcolonial history, and museums and historical memory.

Tel: 3917 2866
Email: jcarroll@hku.hk

John Carroll

Professor Adam Jaworski
Associate Dean (Research)
Professor Jaworski assists the Dean in setting the direction and policy for research at the Faculty, and in developing the Faculty’s research profile and agenda. He also oversees research postgraduate programmes (MPhil and PhD) in the Faculty and chairs the Board of Examiners for Higher Degrees by Research. He has published widely in sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, multimodality, language and globalization, linguistic landscapes, and language and art.

Tel: 3917 7274
Email: jaworski@hku.hk

Professor Julia Kuehn
Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning)
Professor Kuehn is responsible for the Faculty’s undergraduate curriculum reform, teaching and learning, and quality assurance of undergraduate curricula. Her research and teaching interests are in nineteenth-century English literature and culture, and critical theory.

Tel: 3917 1921
Email: jkuehn@hku.hk

Dr. Wai Ting Siok
Associate Dean (Postgraduate)
Dr. Siok oversees taught postgraduate programmes ( MA, MBuddhStud and MFA) in the Faculty.  She chairs the Higher Arts Degrees Committee and Boards of Examiners for Higher Degrees by Coursework.  Her own research focuses on bilingualism, language development and language neuroscience. Her ongoing research is aimed at determining the neural mechanisms that underlie reading in normal and dyslexic children.

Tel: 3917 2771
Email: siok@hku.hk

Dr. Song Gang
Associate Dean (Undergraduate)
Dr Song oversees BA admissions and undergraduate student matters. He is the Faculty Academic Advising Coordinator, and chairs the Faculty Student and Staff Joint Consultative Committee. Dr Song has broad interests in Chinese religions and the cultural exchanges between China and the West in history, while his research focuses on Christianity in late imperial China.

Tel: 3917 7921
Email: songg@hku.hk

Dr Song Gang

 Faculty Office Staff

Name/Post Phone
Ms. Francisca Kwok, Faculty Secretary 3917 2732
Ms. Agatha Fung, Development Manager 3917 2381
Ms. Vicky Shih, IT Officer 3917 4886
Ms. Irene Wong, Senior Assistant to the Dean 3917 2731
Ms. Winnie Ling, Executive Assistant 3917 7155
Ms. Phoebe Lee, Clerk 3917 4724
Mr. Benny Lam, Clerical Assistant 3917 4438
Ms. Tulip Lau, Office Assistant 3917 8977
Ms. Mandy Leung, Administrative Assistant 3917 2279
Ms. Nicole Wong, Executive Officer 3917 4665
Ms. Jane Lo, Senior Clerk 3917 2735
Ms. Michelle Fan, Executive Assistant 3917 4632
Ms. Polly Lam, Executive Assistant 3917 4885 
Ms. Jackie Lee, Executive Assistant 3917 8048
Ms. Judy Li, Executive Assistant 3917 2734
Ms. Yuki Chan, Administrative Assistant 3917 8287
Ms. Janet Au, Executive Assistant 3917 4634
Ms. Lily Lam, Executive Assistant 3917 4198
Ms. Jennifer So, Clerk 3917 4197
Ms. Lillian Woo, Clerk 3917 4199
Student Recruitment
Ms. Wendy Leung, Executive Officer 3917 1070
Ms. Elaine Wong, Executive Assistant 3917 2733
Outreach and Development
Ms. Natalie Yip, Executive Officer 3917 4984
Ms. Angela Chau, Executive Assistant 3917 4633

Arts Faculty Office


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