About Us

About Us

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The Faculty of Arts is one of the flagship faculties of the University of Hong Kong and one of the finest humanities faculties in the region and internationally. It was founded in 1912, when the University opened, and it has been a focus of academic life on campus ever since, building on its traditions to meet successive educational and intellectual challenges.

The University of Hong Kong is ranked no. 1 in Asia in Arts and Humanities in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2013-2014.

The Faculty comprises four Schools and two Centres:

The Centre of Buddhist Studies, established in September 2000, is affiliated to the Faculty. It promotes the study of and researches into all aspects of Buddhism and its relevance to the world of today.

The Faculty also houses the State Key Laboratory of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, a national research centre in functional brain imaging.

The Faculty seeks to contribute to knowledge development through outstanding scholarship and education. It provides a comprehensive, humanistic and liberal research environment, and its strengths include world-class expertise in China-West studies, a highly internationalized academic staff, and a strong culture- and language-based curriculum.

Teachers in the Faculty are committed to excellence in research, which feeds into the broad, liberal education they provide to students and the community. Arts graduates emerge with analytical, linguistic, critical and creative skills, all necessary for leadership and success in professional and life endeavours. The Faculty’s graduates have made significant contributions in government, the arts, business and other fields in Hong Kong, the region and internationally over the past century.

The Faculty also strives to extend its research and learning into the wider community. It aims to provide lifelong learning opportunities and to reinforce the artistic, social and educational values of the arts and humanities. In turn, it has received significant support from public and private sources for its work.